The International Society for Animal Forensic Sciences (ISAFS) is committed to improving investigations and evidence collection/analysis in legal inquiries pertaining to crimes against animals. The ISAFS encourages the utilization of animal forensic sciences and veterinary forensic medicine to address various forms of animal crime, including but not limited to animal abuse, neglect, and animal fighting. By prioritizing forensic science education, the ISAFS plays a crucial role in enhancing the competencies of professionals involved in investigating, analyzing evidence from, and prosecuting cases related to animal crime.

Moreover, the ISAFS serves as a valuable resource hub, offering educational materials and support to a diverse range of stakeholders. These include law enforcement officers, animal control officers, animal welfare organizations, legal investigators, attorneys, and veterinarians. By disseminating knowledge and expertise, the society aims to empower these individuals and entities engaged in the intricate and multifaceted field of animal forensic science. Through its animal advocacy and educational initiatives, the ISAFS strives to contribute to the advancement of justice and the protection of all animals from various forms of harm.